Marc Krell

You may be surprised to know that even with the exact same set of tax reporting documents there are several “correct” versions of a tax return!  However, there is only ONE optimal version that is only achieved by making certain “elections” and “decisions” in the preparation process.  Throughout my 30 years of tax preparation, my goal has always been to find that illusive “optimal” return and I have been most successful in obtaining that goal.

I have prepared over 25,000 Federal and State returns.  I have successfully completed over 2700 hours of continuing education and have trained hundreds of new people in the skills of tax preparation.

I have answered questions about taxes for several years, live on talk radio, “Money Matters Radio Network’s Tax Tuesdays” on AM 1120”, “The Financial Exchange” on WRKO AM 680 and WCRN AM 830.  I am a frequent guest columnist in the “Metrowest Daily News” Sunday Edition, business section.

I was a small business owner myself for 22 years (self employed goldsmith, making jewelry and selling at fine arts and crafts fairs throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states).  I have several rental properties and I am an investor!  Having put my three children through college I know the ins and outs of all the college related tax issues; FASFA, Student Loans, and the maze of Tax Credits and Deductions that are available.

I love what I do and I find the 77,000 pages of the “tax code” a challenging opportunity and NOT an overwhelming obstacle.

In my spare time, I often enjoy several weekly cruises to different parts of the world each year.  I spend summers at my Cape Cod vacation home in Eastham where I enjoy boating, sailing, fishing, clamming, seal watching, kayaking, etc.

Having served as President of Congregation Bais Chabad in Framingham for 6 years, I now am active on the Board of Directors.

My wife and I, for many years, volunteered many of our weekends at Wayside Youth’s Homeless Shelter for teenage girls in Framingham covering Friday to Sunday for 6-10 young ladies in need of housing, food and a safe environment.

I enjoy treasure hunting at estate sales, yard sales and garage sales.  The best news is I recently became a Grandfather for the first time!

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